Welcome to the portfolio directory for J. Komp. As an artist, cramming all the elements of what you can do into a single concept is complicated. We have ‘mad skills’ because we do lots of stuff, is what I’m saying. Eventually, one must step back, sort it all out, and present one’s talents in a consumable way. Enter, 3 Bird View, my new central hub for all my creations. You’re going to find everything from art projects to experimental web page designs, with a few ADHD rants sprinkled into my blog for color. But ideally, if you’ve ever asked yourself if I can do it, you can come here and get your answer.

Portfolio Directory

J. Komp, of Just Key Edits, has been taking apart stories, to explain why we love or hate them, for over 30 years. A Behavioral Science major, that found her voice after a decade of live theater productions, Jennie lives for stories that are as entertaining and consumable as they are transformative.  Her development editing focuses on the connection between a book and its potential audience, emphasizing the tangible elements that bring a story into a reader’s everyday life and reveal our relationship with the extraordinary. See page for more details.

People tell us to “take control of our personal story”, that we’re not supposed to let anyone else “write the chapters of our lives”. But all fail to illustrate the means by which we’re supposed to perform this herculean feat. We’re literally the walking wounded and at best they point to other survivor stories, which are inspiring, but almost always too specific, ableist, or classist to attempt. It’s not that any of those stories are bad, it’s that they rarely offer a personal strategy that empowers us to take our lives back. If that book existed, I’d be reading that instead of writing this.  See page for more details.

100% original designs – These custom made treasure boxes use every medium imaginable, sculpting, wood burning, carving, painting, resin molds, and more to create heirloom ready pieces of art. Available by special order only. See page for more details. In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we converted our shop to produce the highest possible quality of masks. Our specialty, masks for people who experience anxiety when their face is covered of breathing is restricted. Check out the Etsy Shop for more details.

Somebody said that it couldn’t be done
      But (s)he with a chuckle replied
That “maybe it couldn’t,” but (s)he would be one
      Who wouldn’t say so till (s)he’d tried...
                                                  - EDGAR ALBERT GUEST